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How To: Create a Bonus Coupon

Just Artisanallows you to create bonus coupons for customers that you can share on your social media pages, or product listings to encourage customers to make a purchase from your shop. Customers enter the coupon codes at checkout to get various bonuses, such as discounts, free products, or free shipping. Here’s how you can create a bonus coupon:

  • In the Administration panel, go to Marketing → Promotions.
  • Click the + button in the top right corner and choose Add cart promotion.

General Settings

Fill in the fields on the General tab. Make sure your promotion has a Name, and that the Status is set to Active.

Visit here to find out more about the General Settings.

Conditions Tab

  • Switch to the Conditions tab and click the Add condition button.
  • Select Coupon code from the dropdown list.
  • Your promotion can use either one or multiple coupon codes:
    • To use one coupon code: choose equal and enter the coupon code. Don’t use commas (,) in the code.
    • To use multiple coupon codes: choose in and enter multiple coupon codes separated by commas without spaces after them. For example, to have codes test1test2, and test3, enter them like this:

Add The Bonus

  • Switch to the Bonuses tab and click the Add bonus button.
  • Choose any desired bonus and configure it.
  • Click the Create button.
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