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How To: Import Products From Etsy

Now you can easily import your Etsy listings to your Just Artisan Store.

To get started you will first need to download you “Listings CSV” from your Etsy shop. The “Listings CSV” will provide all the information you need to import your listings.

Step 1: Download your listing CSV from Etsy

To download your listing data:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Click the You, then click Shop Manager.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Click Options.
  5. Click Download Data.
  6. Under Currently for Sale Listings, click Download CSV to save the file to your computer.

Step 2: Upload your file to Just Artisan

To upload your file to Just Artisan:

  1. Sign in to Just Artisan
  2. In the top right corner click Administration > Import Data > Products
  3. Under the Marketplace Presets, you will find Etsy Import Preset
  4. Click the “Choose” button and select your Etsy Listing CSV
  5. Click the Import button to add your listings

Step 3: Edit your listings

Now that you have added your listings, there are a few things you might want to add in the Edit Product section:

  1. Make sure you add the product category to all of your imported listings
  2. Add a short description. (If none is added, the first 30 characters will be used from your product description)
  3. Ensure that the images have imported correctly
  4. Add your product options/variants if applicable
  5. Add shipping properties if you plan on using calculated shipping
  6. If your listing is downloadable, check the “Downloadable” box and add the relevant files
  7. Select your shipping methods

If you need help uploading your products to your Just Artisan store, feel free to contact us at and we would be happy to help

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