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How To: Set up Canada Post Shipping

To set-up your shipping method:

  1. Go to Administration → Shipping  → Shipping methods
  2. Click the “+” button near the upper right corner of the page

General Settings

  • Name: The name of the shipping method as it appears on the storefront.
  • Description: Detailed description of the shipping method.
  • Rate calculation: The way how the shipping cost will be calculated:
    • Since we are creating a flat rate shipping method, select “Canada Post.” The manual calculation is based on the tables with charges and rates that you will define in a later step.
  • Shipping Service: After selecting “Canada Post” a new dropdown will appear where you can select the shipping service.
  • Processing time: The time it takes to make an order. This info is displayed on the storefront so that customers can decide if the delivery time meets their requirements.
  • Status: The status of the shipping method: Active or Disabled.
  • Weight limit: The minimum and maximum weight of the order that can be delivered via this method. This setting can be left blank if you would like it to apply to all weights. If an order doesn’t meet the weight requirements, then this shipping method won’t be offered to the customer. This setting is useful if you have products of different weights and would like to set different prices based on the item weight.

Once you have configured the general shipping settings, you can click create in the upper right hand corner.

Configure Rates

After creating the shipping method, open the Configure tab and specify the necessary settings to connect to the Canada Post API.

To work properly, this shipping method requires API keys. Other parameters are optional:

  • API keys
    • Username (required) – production username.
    • Password (required) – production password. Learn how to get the API keys at the Canada Post website.You can get API keys by joining Canada Post Developer Program.
    • Test mode: You can tick this checkbox if you would like to test the shipping method without actually shipping products. If you plan to use the Test mode, make sure to use development API keys with it. When you are ready to start selling, make sure this box is off and you are using the production keys.

Business account information

  • Customer number: This field is required for commercial customers and Solutions for Small Business members to get discounted rates if a parcel is mailed on behalf of the customer.
  • Contract ID: This field is required to obtain discounted rates for commercial customers when the Customer number is specified. If you are a Solutions for Small Business member or general business user, leave this field empty.

Delivery options

Some of the options below may require additional fee. Learn more about delivery settings at the Canada Post manual.

  • Signature—tick this checkbox if you want recipients to confirm delivery by giving their signatures.
  • Coverage—determines whether you require additional liability coverage. If you tick the Coverage checkbox, make sure to specify the Coverage amount.
    • Coverage amount—the amount of insurance to be purchased.
  • Collect on Delivery—when the recipient gets the parcel, Canada Post will collect the payment and forward it to you automatically by cheque. Learn more about Collect on Delivery.
  • Proof of Age Required – 18 or Proof of Age Required – 19—if the recipient appears to be less than 25 years old, they must provide Proof of Age photo identification at the time of delivery.
  • Card for pickup—the addressee will receive the Delivery Notice Card, and the item will be forwarded to the designated post office.
  • Do not safe drop—this option may apply when delivery at the door is attempted. If nobody is at home, and the item doesn’t fit in the mail receptacle, the item will be available for pickup at the designated post office, and a Delivery Notice Card will be left.
  • Leave at door – do not card—this option may apply when delivery at the door is attempted. If nobody is at home, and the item doesn’t fit in the mail receptacle, a safe drop is attempted. If it’s not possible, the item will be available for pickup at the designated post office, and a Delivery Notice Card will be left.

Test Rate Calculation

It is a good idea to check your rate calculation. Testing your rate calculation is crucial to ensure that you have set-up your Canada Post connection properly. The test will give you an error if it cannot retrieve the rates from Canada Post. This allows you to correct your settings before customers attempt to make a purchase.

Add your sender information, as well as your test recipient location to check the rate calculation. Click the Recalculate rates button to find out the shipping cost. The calculation considers the weight that you specify in the form, as well as the to and from address that you specify.

Additional settings

  • Icon: An image to represent the shipping method. You can upload an icon from your computer, or provide a URL to the image. Images must be of one of the following formats only: JPEG, GIF, PNG. As a rule, the size of the file should not exceed 2 MB.
  • Customer must specify his/her address: Tick the box if you want customers to specify their addresses.
  • Use for free shipping: Tick the box so that the products with the Free shipping option enabled are not included in the calculation (It is recommended to keep this box if you plan to have items with free shipping)
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