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How To: Set up Manual (Flat-Rate) Shipping

The manual shipping method can be split into 2 groups, depending on how the rates are calculated:

  • Manual (Flat Rate): calculate rates based on the rules you specify manually in the Administration panel.
  • Store Pickup: shipping time and rates are calculated by the chosen rate area.

To set-up your shipping method:

  1. Go to Administration → Shipping  → Shipping methods
  2. Click the “+” button near the upper right corner of the page

General Settings

  • Name: The name of the shipping method as it appears on the storefront.
  • Description: Detailed description of the shipping method.
  • Rate calculation: The way how the shipping cost will be calculated:
    • Since we are creating a flat rate shipping method, select “By customer’s address.” The manual calculation is based on the tables with charges and rates that you will define in a later step.
  • Processing time: The time it takes to make an order. This info is displayed on the storefront so that customers can decide if the delivery time meets their requirements.
  • Status: The status of the shipping method: Active or Disabled.
  • Weight limit: The minimum and maximum weight of the order that can be delivered via this method. If an order doesn’t meet the weight requirements, then this shipping method won’t be offered to the customer. This setting is useful if you have products of different weights and would like to set different prices based of the item weight.

Once you have configured the general shipping settings, you can click create in the upper right hand corner.

Shipping Time and Rates

You need to decide where your shipping method will be offered. To do this, choose the rate areas from the dropdown list. If there is a rate area in the store which you did not include in the shipping method, customers will not be able to make a purchase from those countries.

You can specify price, weight or items conditions for each rate area. Once you’re done specifying them, click Save.

  • From: The minimum value starting from which the specified surcharge/discount is applied.
  • To: The maximum value up to which the specified surcharge/discount is applied.
  • Surcharge/Discount: The amount of money that will be added to the base Rate or reduced from it. To make a discount just add the “-” (minus) sign to the entered value.

Note: If you do not specify the Rate value or any price/weight/items condition for the rate areas you have added, delivery to those rate areas will be free.

Test Rate Calculation

Click the Recalculate rates button to find out the shipping cost. The calculation considers the weight that you specify in the form, as well as the to and from address that you specify.

Additional settings

  • Icon: An image to represent the shipping method. You can upload an icon from your computer, or provide a URL to the image. Images must be of one of the following formats only: JPEG, GIF, PNG. As a rule, the size of the file should not exceed 2 MB.
  • Customer must specify his/her address: Tick the box if you want customers to specify their addresses.
  • Use for free shipping: Tick the box so that the products with the Free shipping option enabled are not included in the calculation (It is recommended to keep this box if you plan to have items with free shipping)
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